"Sun is the only Energy source which continues to operate without any signs of decline... thus we believe future of Solar energy is very bright and is with Golden End .."

Ecosol Renewables Pvt. Ltd (ERPL), is in pursuit of excellence innovate to create and empower the world with functional innovative products to harness and employ clean and green energy.

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Contact us for more information or for booking a Free Site Visit to assess the site and feasibility study .

Design & Proposal


Based on information gathered during the site visit we design a suitable Solar PV System for your house or Industry or commercial house and give you a complete proposal with an estimation of yearly energy production, utility bill savings and obligation-free Quote. Sign the contract.

Site Visit


A Free Site Visit will be done by us to assess your roof. Or land available for Solar system mounting. The site visit is also a good time to clarify all questions and concerns.

Finance Options Evaluation


Based on the total cost of the project we can offer various financing options. Bank or NBFC funding based on your credentials, Private Financing, or own funds.CAPEX, OPEX, Deferred Capex customised exclusive options are available

Commissioning & Turn-On


Your Solar PV System is now generating electrical power that can be used on site or exported to local Electricity board to earn extra income.

Solar system Installation


First, we will obtain necessary permission from authorities, then our well-trained experienced team will install all the necessary components of the Solar PV System, and perform tests to make it ready for Electricity Board Service inspection and approval.
When Installation is completed, electricity board will replace your old electricity meter with a bi-directional and generation meter allowing for export and import of electricity.

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