Generally speaking, factories, manufacturing plants and commercial usage have high power requirements. With nominal industrial solar panel cost, you can easily cover these costs in the long run. This is going to boost your profit margin and help you stay ahead of the competition.

With the reality of climate change quickly approaching, it is important to make deliberate choices to help keep the planet safe while enjoying our lives. If you don’t make sustainable decisions, you risk leaving your children behind a less exciting and less diverse world.

Ecosol Renewables began as a developer of rooftop solar projects, but quickly leveraged our expertise to expand into utility-scale projects. We spread our wings across India and wirh specific focus on sunny states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, UP, Bihar, where we are currently working on some of the large scale photovoltaic projects in the area.

The company develops, builds, operates and owns ground solar installations, solar installations above water reservoirs and fish ponds, and solar installations on commercial rooftops in India


PV materials and devices convert sunlight into electrical energy. A single PV device is known as a cell. An individual PV cell is usually small, typically producing about 1 or 2 watts of power. These cells are made of different semiconductor materials and are often less than the thickness of four human hairs. In order to withstand the outdoors for many years, cells are sandwiched between protective materials in a combination of glass and/or plastics.

PV modules and arrays are just one part of a PV system. Systems also include mounting structures that point panels toward the sun, along with the components that take the direct-current (DC) electricity produced by modules and convert it to the alternating-current (AC) electricity used to power all of the appliances in your home.

For the solar power requirments in Mega watt scale we have our own solar parks under Group Captive Open Access policy of government. Staring from 1 mw to any scale Ecosol can offer various options in major states

SOLAR PV technology

• Is a mature technology with reliable performance.

• Emerging as the main technology to replace fossil fuels.

• Among the cheapest electricity generation technologies in India.

• Solar PV System is a secure and profitable Investment

• A Solar PV System on your roof will cool down your house noticeably by absorbing the heat produced by sunlight

• Solar PV systems can be used to charge plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles with cheap and clean electricity

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