The corporate houses can only be profitable by reducing the operating cost and majority of it is hampered by the increasing manpower and Electricity cost. We at Ecosol emphasize on saving your electricity bills. Be it Residencial complexes or individual bungalows, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Hotels, Resorts or manufacturing units , we offer End to End One Stop Solution.

Our vast experience and connects in corporates, makes it very apt to get the latest technology from the globe and make it work in India to make the future greener and brighter for next generations to come.

We at Ecosol operate on varied product range and financial models Viz, CAPEX, OPEX, DEFERRED CAPEX & BOOT (BUILD-OWN-OPERATE- TRANSFER), and offers flexibility to enable you to optimize and substantially reduce your electricity bills and improve your profits in long run. The central Government push for Renewable and Green sources for energy is helping get momentum by the way of Accelerated Depreciation for Commercial usage and subsidy for residential purpose combined with GST credit input makes the Green Energy adaptation lucrative. The faster return on investment supports your decision to go GREEN making the it a SOLAR INVESTMENT PLAN ( SIP)

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Ecosol Team works on innovative products, strong operating metrics and has been always obsessed with quality at every stage of the project right from its inception to the timely delivery of the project. With years of experience and expertise in the solar industry, we are the trusted choice for homes and businesses seeking sustainable energy solutions. Our commitment to excellence means you receive customized solar systems that perfectly match your energy needs, maximizing efficiency and cost saving. We have strong association and access for world class quality software, Photovoltaic modules, energy efficient inverters, electrical equipment and aesthetically durable structures to really add value to project and investments. Rest assured, we only use top-quality products from reputable manufacturers, along with the inhouse experienced EPC team ensuring the durability and long-term benefits of your solar investment.

Join our list of satisfied customers who have experience the hassle free process of going solar with us, as we handle everything from Electricity Board Liasoning to post-installation support – Ecosystem for all your Renewable Energy Needs We offer customised solutions to residential clients to Industrial houses to Commercial applications from roof top to Open Access Group Captive options. ONGRID and OFF GRID Systems’ customisation to make your Electricity bills savings pay out for your investments in Solar Project. Embrace a brighter future today—contact Ecosol Renewables for a free consultation and make the switch to renewable energy. Choose Ecosol Renewables Pvt. Ltd for Better and brighter future.

Free Maintenance, Monitoring & Warranty on all Solar PV Systems

• All of our customers will enjoy a FREE Maintenance, Monitoring & Warranty package, we will continue to take care of your Solar PV System after commissioning.

• We will regularly monitor the power output from your Solar PV System (if requested) to check that everything is going smoothly. Monitoring can be done remotely via the internet or via direct data download on site.

• A 25-year linear power output warranty for PV panels is provided by the PV panel manufacturer, ensuring that your PV System will deliver power as planned.

A typical period from signing the contract to Turn-On of the Solar PV System is around 4-6 weeks.
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